The Science

The Research We're Drawing On

The areas of memory, attention and executive function are all areas in which speech therapists can offer support. These processes influence our abilities to think quickly, learn and remember, and communicate easily. Improving these skills makes it easier to meet the demands of school and work, and enjoy connecting with the people in our lives.

Many parts of COVID's imprint on our brain mimics difficulties people have after a concussion or stroke. People may search for words, require more rest between difficult tasks, or have a hard time keeping up when listening to quick speech. Since we know more about how the brain works to recover from injuries like concussions and strokes, experts are building on this understanding to help people with Brain Fog and other cognitive issues from COVID.

Much of what we've learned so far about Long Haul Covid - and how to support people as they heal - has come from Long Haulers themselves (people who have Long Haul or Long Covid). When they share stories about their experiences and what helps them, we learn more about which tools help the most and different approaches to support their recovery together.

Check out the Long Haul discussion groups and forums.

Health care workers can adapt and create exercises that address their needs and goals. As stories and tools get shared through social media, patient-led research, healthcare-led research and other avenues, we have a more diverse understanding of the unique challenges people have in the post-COVID and Long Haul recovery process.

Our sessions can help you with focus, memory, problem-solving and other skills that help with your academic, work and social communication.

Focus - attention, distractions, concentrating, multi-tasking

Memory - short term memory, retaining info, long term memory

Executive Function - problem solving, planning, getting started, organizing thoughts, breaking down big projects into smaller tasks

We'll focus on what you want to work on, with concrete tools to help make tasks easier for school and life.