Our Project

The Long Haul and the Covid Cognitive Tail Project explores the cognitive or brain-related issues CSUN students may have after a COVID-19 infection. People often call this Brain Fog.

  • These changes can impact focus, memory, organizing and other communication areas.

  • We want to help peers restore their skills and give them immediate tools to help.

Thanks to a grant from CSUN’s Campus Care Recovery Program, these speech and language services will be free of charge to CSUN students.

Invisible to the eye, the footprints COVID leaves in our brains are very real. These changes can be challenging, while we’re trying to recover and get back to our pre-COVID lives.

These issues can impact our focus, planning and memory. Using activities to restore these skills can help us continue moving forward with our classes, work and lives while we recover from COVID. Strategies to help in the meantime can give us coping tools and ways to make daily tasks easier.

Many people don't realize that speech and language therapists also address these areas of thinking and cognitive communication, and can support your recovery.

Who is this for?

We are committed to helping CSUN students and the CSUN campus community in their paths to recovery after COVID.

Think you might have COVID "Brain Fog"?

You might have heard the term "Brain Fog", but aren't sure if you are experiencing it. Maybe you had COVID at the start of the pandemic, before people were really talking about its impact on our thinking and memory. You may or may not have had a positive COVID test, due to access or timing. Or maybe you had a mild case of COVID, and a few months later some new symptom or challenge popped up.

Take our Brain Fog Quiz and see if your experiences match up with some of the signs.

Is it really free?

Thanks to a grant from CSUN’s Campus Care Recovery Program, we’re offering free services for CSUN students who want some tools to help with focus, memory or thinking issues they are having post-COVID. Yes, it's completely free.

Tell me about evaluations and treatment sessions.

We'll meet with you and listen to your needs. Then, we'll give you a free evaluation. If you'd like, you can choose free weekly sessions to help with COVID-related issues that are making it harder to focus, remember, plan or problem solve.

Sessions are:

  • Online or in person.

  • 30 - 50 minutes in length.

Breaks can be built in while you build up your ability to focus (if needed).

  • Sessions can start as soon as you contact us. Limited spaces are available, and we will also start a waitlist.

A graduate student clinician can help you strengthen the needed areas with activities and tasks that focus on the things you want to work on first. We'll also brainstorm with you tools and strategies to use right now. Really busy? We're flexible! We can plan sessions around your needs. Contact us today!

What can help me right now - as my brain recovers?

Speech and language tools can help you learn new info, concentrate more easily, and problem solve when you need to. Practicing these strategies can make tasks easier in school and life, as things return to normal. This may help you feel less overwhelmed or stressed right now.

Click below to read about sessions designed around your needs.