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COVID-19 Brain Support and Therapy

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Covid Tail Voicemail: (818) 677-6617

LSHC Phone: (818) 677-2856

Next Steps

Feel free to let us know you may be interested. Just leave us an email or voicemail, or fill out the contact form below. A member of the team will give you a call within a day to answer any questions. More details are below.

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The Covid Cognitive Tail Team

What does it help with?

Sessions help with concentration, memory and problem-solving issues.

They will focus on what you want to work on, with concrete tools to help make tasks easier for school and life.

  • Focus - attention, distractions, concentrating, multi-tasking

  • Memory - short term memory, retaining info, long term memory

  • Executive Function - problem solving, planning, getting started, organizing thoughts, breaking down big projects into smaller tasks

How does it work?

  1. A team member will call and connect with you about what you’d like help with and your availability. We can talk for a few minutes and answer any questions.

  2. We’ll schedule an appointment with you to evaluate your needs and hear which skills you want to work on. You’ll set a few goals together and start working on them.

  • Time needed: 1 time a week, 30-50 minute session

  • Formats available:

        1. In person or online on a secure Zoom

        2. Group size

          • One-on-one

          • Small group

          • Support group

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