Expanding Our Minds -

Brain Fog & Beyond 

Resources to Reboot  or Unwind

We all need easy ways to recharge and reboot. 

To be kind to our minds. 

We've all heard it before: get "enough" sleep, exercise, and be sure to take breaks. But we also know that it's hard to be a student - working, studying and taking time for family and friends.  

Check out a few articles and apps we found that remind you to take care of you:

Be Kind to Your Mind.   

Want to track new habits you're working on? https://collegeinfogeek.com/habit-tracker/

CSUN Services - Got COVID-19 or Pandemic Stress?

All of us have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of us are still recovering from all we've been through  

and may need 

some extra support. 

It's hard in the midst of our busy lives to reach out when we need support. Sometimes we turn to our friends or family for someone to listen or for academic help. Especially now, we can all use new resources to help make our lives easier.

CSUN has many free services and places to go for extra help. Here's a few on-campus resources to try: 

CSUN Support Resources  -  pdf with links

Community Service Project and Formal Research Study has Concluded

Community Service Project has Ended

Unfortunately, due to increased responsibilities, staff no longer have time to supervise our project and graduate student clinicians. Our grant from the HHD Innovation and Collaboration Challenge has also concluded.  Sadly, due to these circumstances, we can't continue this community service project at this time. 

If you need support for post-COVID symptoms, contact the CSUN community services and departments above directly  or feel free to reach out to us for referrals.

If SLPs or students in CDS programs want resources or info on our project, please feel free to email us at: CsunCovidTail@gmail.com

Experts are finding that anywhere from 15-40% of people who had COVID (regardless of illness severity) can have "Brain Fog" even weeks to months after the initial infection. 

If you had COVID-19 (COVID), you might have Brain Fog. 

You’ve probably heard, but Brain Fog doesn't just happen when people are hospitalized with COVID. Even with no symptoms or milder COVID, you can have trouble with thinking, focus, memory and learning. Brain Fog can begin right away, or later on. 

These short-term changes can make school and other parts of life harder. Maybe you also have less energy, sleep issues, anxiety, or run out of breath easily. The subtle brain changes may be less visible, but they can be very frustrating while you are trying to heal and bounce back. The good news is there are clear tools to help.  

Speech therapists work with people recovering from temporary brain changes or injuries like COVID, and can help with focus, attention, memory and other cognitive communication, and can support your recovery.

Give us a call or read more about the sessions below.

Find out more with a free eval and info session at CSUN: